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Difference between Verification and Validation .

Differnce between Verification and Validation .VerificationValidationAre we building the system right?Are we building the right system?Verification is the process of evaluating products of a development phase to find out whether they meet the specified requirements .Validation is the process of evaluating software at the end of the development process to determine whether software meets the customer expectations and requirements .The objective of Verification is to make sure that the product being develop is as per the requirements and design specifications .The objective of Validation is to make sure that the product actually meet up the user’s requirements, and check whether the specifications were correct in the first place .Following activities are involved in Verification: Reviews, Meetings and Inspections .Following activities are involved in Validation: Testing like black box testing, white box testing, gray box testing etc .Verification is carried out by QA team to chec…

what is Verification and validation ?

What is verification ? Verification : Verification is the process to ensure that we are building the product right . to verify the requirement which we have to verify whether we are developing the product accordingly or not .
What is validation ?  Validation :  it is dynamic testingvalidation is the process whether we building the right product or the end of the development process to determine weather if satisfying the specified requirement .

What is Waterfall Model ?

Waterfall Model History of Waterfall Model : The first formal description of waterfall model is after introduced by wiston W.Royce in 1970 .Royce Presented this model as an example of non-working model of flowed. Waterfall Model Cycle :it refers to as a linear sequential life cycle model .in a waterfall model each phase must be completed fully before the next phase can began .this is the most disadvantage of the waterfall model .this type model suitable for small project and whose requirement is fixed . When to use waterfall model :Requirement are very well known .product defination are statble .project is small and simple .

What is Prototype Model

What is prototype model ?

Prototype Model :
A prototype Model suggest that before carrying out the development of the actual software, a working Prototype of the System should be build.Prototype Is Working Model of a software with some limited functionality Prototype  is used to allow the users evaluate the developer proposal and try them out before impotent.Work of prototype model :  Initial Requirement :   In this stage we collect the all Requirement from the Client and make a design .Design :In this stage we have Request for the project to as per requirement we construct a design .Prototype :  In this stage we make a prototype as per requirement and show the client if client says OK then we move development phase other wise we need to update and redesign prototype .Customer Evaluation :  Customer give a Requirement list . we check as per requirement the project is done or not . if done then OK else tell to redesign the prototype .Review and Update : if prototype is not done as per cus…

What is Spiral Model

What is Spiral Model ?

spiral model:
The Spiral Model was first invented  by Berry Bohem in 1986.The Spiral Model is more emphasis placed on risk Analysis .Each phase of Spiral Model begin with a Design goal and ends with the Client Reviewing the progress .The Spiral Model has Four phases -  i) Planning (Design)                                                            ii) Risk Analysis                                                                   iii) Engineering                                                                   iv) Evaluation A software project rapidly passes through these phases in iterationThe development Team in Spiral model start with a small set of requirement and goes through each development phase for those set of requirement .  When to use Spiral Model :  When the project is largeWhere the Software needs Contiguous risk evaluation Requirement are bit complected and require  contiguous classification Software Requirement sufficient changes Phases :  Planning (D…

What is Data Flow Diagram ?

What is Data Flow Diagram ?Data Flow Diagram :  Data flow Diagram is Graphical Representation of flow of data in a information system. it is  also known as bubble chart . The main Reason why DFD is so popular technique because it is very simple to draw and also simple to understand and it is use . A DFD Model is very limited number of primitive  symbol for represent the function of the system and the Data flow.

Type of  DFD : data flow diagram are two type

Logical DFD : The logical dataflow diagram describes flow of data though a system.Physical DFD : The Physical dataflow diagram describe the implemention of the logical data flow.  DFD Symbol :

Hospital Management System Dataflow Diagram

Hospital Management System Dataflow Diagram 1) Zero level DFD :  2) 1st telev DFD : 3) 2nd Level DFD :

Library Management System DataFlow Diagram

Library Management System DataFlow Diagram 1) Zero Level DFD
2) 1st level DFD and 2nd level DFD

What is Software and Software Engineering ?

What is Software ?Any Computer Program is softwareAnything that can be stored electronically is software , software does not exist physically , we can not touch it. we touch only hardware. there are two type of software                                  i) System software
                                ii) Application Software
What is Software Engineering ?  Software Engineering is the Application or Engineering to the development of software in a Systematic method.

What is RAD Model

RAD MODEL RAD Model : RAD Model Stands for rapid devlopment ModelIt is an adoption pf waterfall model . it aim at devloping a software in a sort span of time.The RAD Model used for information system devlopment.It is based on model phase since there is no detailed planning, it makes it easier to incorrect the change with in the development process .in the RAD Mode , the functional module are developed with in as parallel prototypes and are integrated to make the complete product for faster product deliveryWhen use RAD Model :
project under specific time perioduser involvement throughout the projectwhole project understand properlytechnical risk scam to be very lowModel Phases :
 Business Modeling : It is nothing but Business planning , when we start business we are plan what type of information store in our business process, what information generation etcData Modeling : Data Model is that part , in this part we are collecting data Process Modeling :  aft…